South of the Sun is an anthology of Australian Fairy Tales, produced by the Australian Fairy Tale Society in Partnership with Serenity Press.

Having run a successful crowdfund campaign where we exceeded our target early and even surpassed stretch goals, we can now confirm that our illustrated book of intercultural contemporary Australian fairy tales is now proceeding.

The South of the Sun editorial committee has finally chosen the fairy tale winners. It was a truly difficult job – we were inundated with talented submissions and we’ve spent many a long hour short-listing, re-short-listing, arguing and finally agreeing on the following. A big thank you to everyone who sent in their entries. Congratulations to everyone who’s on the list – and commiserations to those who didn’t make it. 

Anezka Sero ̶ The Snowgum Maiden

Lindy Mitchell-Nilsson ̶ Jack, the Beanstalk and the NBN

Yvette Ladzinski ̶ The Lonely Mosque

Melissa Min Harvey ̶ The Wild Moon Call

Clare Testoni ̶ The Lyrebird

Krystal Barton ̶ North Coburg to Flinders St Station

Rachel Nightingale ̶ Riverbend

Jackie Kerin ̶ No Horse, No Cart, No Shoes

Angie Rega ̶ The Tale of the Seven Magpies

Danielle McGee – The Origami Mother

June Perkins – Into the Song Wood

Zoya Nojin ̶ Rubeliya

Ella Lamb – The Curse of the Swan Prince

Muriel Cooper ̶ There was something different about him

Carolyn Alfonzetti ̶ Hundreds and Thousands

Jennifer Lehmann ̶ Cricket

Nola Wernicke ̶ If Cinderella lived in Melbourne

Erin-Claire Barrow ̶ The Crows

Natalie Cooke ̶ Gold